Saturday, 29 March 2008

My First Entry

I have decided to dabble into the world of blogging and have decided to do one focused on my interest in trading futures. I don't know if I will have enough time or material to write this everyday. However I want it to provide me with a tool to order my thoughts about my trading, and the markets. I hope it will also prove useful and informative for others.

I was inspired to do this because I read many really good blogs that cover trading and the economy. Although I haven't come across many that focus on the fixed income markets. I am not offering any advice or recommendations about trading. Its more about making observations and sharing them with others.

I mainly trade the
Bund Future that is listed on the Eurex Exchange. I do this with my own capital and have been doing so for a few years. The tools I use for this are Trading Technologies X-Trader, E-signal and Market Delta.

As this is my first post I am going to publish this and see how it all looks before I start rambling on about the Bund. Also as I have never written a blog or indeed anything much since my school days my style may not be up to the high standards I have seen from others, but this should evolve and improve with time.

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